We are currently offering the following classes:

  • Pre-school children

Pre-preschoolers and pupils attending Primary 1 in Scotland (for children aged 0 to five/six years old) – session from 11.00 to 12.30. The session is focused on speaking and listening skills and usually consists of songs, games, books, stories and show and tell.

  • School aged children

A1 (A1.1 and A1.2) class This class is offered to children who have completed their first year of primary school in Scotland and are literate in English.  This is a beginner’s class for children with some or no knowledge of Portuguese. More information here.

A2 (A2.1) class – This class is offered to pupils at a pre-intermediate level, who can use the language in its different components (reading, writing, listening and speaking).  More information here.

B1 (B1.1) class – This class is offered to pupils at an intermediate level, who can use the language confidently in its different components (reading, writing, speaking and listening).  More information here.

C1 (C1.1) class – This is an advanced language class offered to pupils who have specific needs, such as writing. More information here.

The table below gives more information about the number of hours and correspondent age group for each of the different language level.
School year Hrs CEFR
6 – 10 year olds (Iniciação – A1)
Primary 2 (P2) 60 A1.1
Primary 3 (P3) 60 A1.2
Total 120
6 – 10 year olds (Elementar – A2)
Primary 4 (P4) 60 A2.1/A2.2
Primary 5 (P5) 60 A2.1/A2.2
Total 240
11 – 14 year olds (Intermédio – B1)
Primary 6 (P6) 60 B1.1
Primary 7 (P7) 60 B1.1
Secondary first year (S1) 60 B1.1
Secondary second year (S2) 60 B1.2
Secondary third year (S3) 60 B1.2
Total 540
15 – 18 year olds (Avançado – B2)
Secondary fourth year (S4) 60 B2.1
Secondary fifth year (S5) 60 B2.1
15 – 18 year olds (Avançado – C1)
Secondary sixth year (S6) 60/60 C1.1
Total 720

*Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
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Open Saturdays

The last Saturday of each month during term time is ‘Open Saturday’ at Lusofonias.  This means children and young people can come to a class free of charge and decide afterwards decide if they want to enrol.  Please email Lusofonias with name, age and overall language competence (approximately) of the child or young person. One of our teachers will await you!