Educational Resources

Here in Lusofonias we think it is really important that our children interact with the Portuguese language in a range of ways so we have decided to recommend some websites that can give families creative and interesting ideas of how to access the language.  We would also appreciate if parents who have used other resources would share them by emailing  us. Thank you.

Instituto Camões

  • Aprender – various resources which explore the four components of the language (reading, writing, speaking and listening).  This is done through stories, tales, games and other activities.
  • Biblioteca Digital – access to an online library with a variety of books, from Lusiadas to recently published children’s books.
  • Certificação – information about PLE/PLH Languages tests, as well as sample papers.

Mantra Lingua – bilingual books Portuguese and English as well as many other languages.

Mama Lisa – children’s songs (music and lyrics) in Portuguese and many other other languages.

Wook –  site with an excellent selection of books and very efficient overseas delivery system.

Plano Nacional de Leitura  – portuguese government website with access to a huge collection of ebooks.  Books organised by age group, from 3 to 16 year olds.

JUNIOR – Brincar e Aprender, com deve de ser! – books with guided reading activities for various ages.

Sítio dos Miúdos – website with games, videos and experiment ideas, a site dedicated to parents and educators, also with access to radio with all the latest hits in Portugal.

Ciencia Viva – interactive website with science and scientific experiments to do at home, with safety rules and a variety of ideas to try out.

Canal Panda – for the younger leaners, tv channel with cartoons, series, videos, activities and musicals, etc.

Orelhudo – website developed by Casa Da Música, which offers a song per day, available every day of the year and offering a range of styles and times.