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Susana_BritoSusana Margarida Belo Brito

Susana was born in Coimbra in September 1985. When she was little she used to dream of being a pharmacist or psychologist. Upon reaching the age of choosing a profession she decided to follow on her mother's footsteps and became a teacher. This was in part because she had always been delighted with how her mother (and some of the teachers she had) fulfilled the mission to teach and pass on knowledge and  manners but, more importantly, the ability to think and reflect to future generations.

Thus, she graduated as a primary school teacher and worked for about five months in an after school club. After this time she applied as a state school teacher and taught in several state schools over a period of five years (Aljustrel, Alcobaça, Beja, Leiria, Aljubarrota, Castro Marim, Lagoa de Santo André, Mafra and Sintra). Whilst working in these various schools, she taught Music and English classes as extracurricular activities. After moving around collecting personal and professional experiences, she faced unemployment and emigrated with her boyfriend to Edinburgh, in 2013.

She is currently a Lusofonias teacher, as well as working at the Peek a Boo nursery in Edinburgh and teaching privately Portuguese to adults.

In her spare time she enjoys reading, writing, listening to music, walking, swimming and traveling.

Susana  thinks that what makes Lusofonias a special project is that it allows children of Portuguese descent the opportunity to learn and perfect the Portuguese language in a fun and interactive way. In addition, this project fosters the dissemination of Portuguese language and culture in Scotland.

Sandra Ferreira

Portuguese, born and bred in Castanheira de Pêra. Moved to Lisbon, where she graduated in Portuguese and English Teaching at Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa, married and had two wonderful children. In 2012 the family started a new adventure and emigrated to Finland where they stayed until 2015, when they moved to Bridge of Allan, Stirling, in Scotland.

Sandra likes to travel, from a terrace by the sea on a sunny day, to the sea shore for a swim, but she also likes snow, walking in the forests and climbing mountains. She loves books (paper ones!), movies and music and enjoys the company of friends and a good conversation.

In Portugal, she taught Portuguese and English in several schools, at various levels. She did what she does best: teaching and learning! She believes that in order to be a teacher you have to learn, making the most of the diversity of experiences you come across and the innumerable know-how each student has to share. Teaching, although gratifying, was an unstable profession, so she worked as a publisher in Santillana. She then moved to Finland, where she took a postgraduate course, completing a Master's in Portuguese as a heritage language.

This adventure throughout Europe has been enriching both on a personal and professional levels, by living with people from different cultures and by new learning new teaching techniques.

She has always enjoyed teaching and has an infinite passion for the Portuguese language. Collaborating with Lusofonias is therefore a privilege!

Beatriz Barreto

Beatriz is a Brazilian native of Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul. She completed her teaching course at the Instituto de Educação Assis Brasil, working with children's literacy and receiving the title of Primary Teacher of 1st to 4th Grades - which is equivalent today to the initial grades of Elementary School in Brazil. Later, she graduated in the courses of Bachelor of Law and Full Degree in Visual Arts, both at the Universidade Federal de Pelotas - UFPel.

In Brazil, in addition to practising Law, she taught Arts and English classes in different schools and was also an authorized agent / representative of EF Education First and Cultural Care Au Pair, the world's leading companies in foreign language studies and cultural exchanges.

When she arrived in Scotland in 2011, he volunteered for two years on the Management Committee of the Adult Education Programme WASP - Wide Access (to Denny High) School Programme and worked for Clackmannenshire Council in administrative positions.

Beatriz currently teaches Portuguese for preschool children in Lusofonias, is a volunteer at British Red Cross and works as a Research Support Assistant at the University of Edinburgh School of Law.